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Original Painting Thorfinn 48''x36''

Original Painting Thorfinn 48''x36''

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This painting, called "Inferno's Reflection" depicts Throfinn amidst a sea of swirling flames, his expression etched with fear as the fiery tempest surrounds him. Bathed in the warm hues of the inferno, his figure stands out starkly against the darkness, a lone soul engulfed by the all-consuming blaze.

In the reflection of each of Throfinn's daggers, a poignant narrative unfolds. In one, the ghostly visage of Askeladd looms, a spectral reminder of past conflicts and betrayals. His piercing gaze seems to haunt Throfinn, a constant specter amidst the chaos, driving him forward with memories of vengeance.

In the other dagger's reflection, the noble figure of Thors emerges, a beacon of guidance and morality in the face of adversity. His presence offers a fleeting moment of solace amid the turmoil, a reminder of the path Throfinn once walked and the ideals he strives to reclaim.

Together, these reflections encapsulate the tumultuous journey of Throfinn, caught between the shadows of his past and the flickering flames of his uncertain future. In the midst of his fear, he stands resolute, confronting the inferno with a courage born from the depths of his soul.

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